beer miler

beer miler
A person who competes in races that combine running with beer drinking.
beer mile n.
beer miling pp.
Example Citations:
He belongs to a generation of runners whose carefree attitudes have fuelled the popularity of running clubs that prove, according to Canadian Running magazine editor Michal Kapral, "we're not a bunch of prudes." They include beer milers, who claim a fair number of frat boys but also serious runners.
—Hayley Mick, " A beer before a run? Some serious runners say yes :," The Globe and Mail, October 29, 2009
The event usually happens at a dark, secluded track, away from campus security or city police — sometimes it might even take place on a farmer's field in the country — but no matter the venue, the challenge remains the same. The contest calls for runners to chug four beers (three for the women's event) at regular 400m intervals during a mile race, in an attempt to crown the fastest beer miler.
—Mihira Lakshman, " Beer and running — an unlikely pairing:," Canadian Running, October 29, 2009
Earliest Citation:
The same scenario as in '04 played out again this year with a similar cast of characters plus about 20 additional idiots (there seems to be no shortage) but this time adherence to the rules (yes, there are actually rules) listed on became part of the obvious challenge that includes four 12-ounce beer (note, Canadians don't pluralize the word and, after all, aren't they the experts?) and 4-laps around a track. Those who had participated for the first time in '04 were one year wiser and wanted to officially carve their name into history. Only by strictly adhering to the rules would this happen. Many claimed to be a "beer miler" but no one had yet become the genuine article.
—" Annual Encinitas Beer Mile:,", January 1, 2006 (est.)
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